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Semi Automatic Cone Filling Machine


This machine can be fill varieties of ice cream such as plain or with ingredients or with ripple using required Attachments offered with the machine separately. Volumetric ice cream filler is the part of this machine.


●  1,000 to 1,500 cones perhour as per skill of worker

●  This machine can be filling small and big cone

●  All contact parts are of ss-304 or food grade material

●  This model is semi automatic machine having following operations::

●  Chocolate spray in biscuit cones by machine

●  Filling of ice-cream into cones/cups

●  Top filling with chocolate or fruit syrup by machine

●  Dry nut sprinkling manually

●  Card board lid manually

●  Closing of cones by machine

Machine is fully PLC controlled and having following advantages:

●  This machine is easy to operate and adjustable filling volume.

●  Cip cleaning simple piston and cylinder design.

●  Volume of chocolate spray, ice cream and chocolate topping can be adjust by plc.

●  Semi skill person can be filling the ice cream in cones.

●  All the contact parts are from SS -304.

●  Thermostat controlled chocolate tank.

Technical Data:

●  Filling quantity : 50 cc to 150 cc as required

●  Machine output : 1,000 to 1,500 cones per hour

●  Air supply : maximum 6 CFM, at 80 PSI

●  Ingredient size : 10mm x 10mm x 10mm

●  FRL unit by client


●  All the pneumatic components are festo make only

●  Air compressor will not to be supply with machine

●  Dry and moisture free air required for machine

●  The design & specifications of the machine illustrated herein are subject to change without notice